It takes a level of openness and honesty to make a wedding film truly reflect an individual couple. I’ve tried to apply that to everything Candlelight Films does and it is hilarious (humbling as well) to read this old email, my first email to the amazing Flosites:

“Hey guys, diggin’ the sites. I just got started in wedding video and need branding and a site BAD. I’ve literally only been paid for one video. I’m just droppin’ a line at this point so you guys can celebrate with me when I have enough $$$ to pay ya!”

I admit… At first it was for marketing, booking more weddings, getting the Candlelight Films name out there… hmm.

We create a Sneek Peek the week after the wedding and deliver the final video on DVD a few months later. It just takes a long time to edit video. This means that for 2-4 months our couples have to view their wedding video on our website. Our bride’s plan ab-so-lutely stunning weddings, for sometimes more than a year, and they simply deserve to be viewed on the most gorgeous backdrop web design will allow. When that became the goal, the website took the turn to what it is now.

Thank you, 2011 Candlelight Films couples, for setting the bar. Thank you, Flosites, for vision beyond belief and talent to match. Thank you Lauren Brock for putting up with all this work ;)

Finally, here’s the before and after.

  1. Andrew Turner 11.17.2011 1:21 pm

    The new website is fantastic! Looks great!!

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