Michelle + Geoff :: This is us

Michelle + Geoff

With family thousands of miles away in another country, Michelle and Geoff have have found the loves of their lives. They are each such dynamic people with amazing talents, and we wanted to show that to their friends and family. Specific places in the city have been special in their relationship, and they really wanted to create a memento so that they would always remember those places and this special time. Their family and friends will receive a letter with a picture of them and a link to this video – that’s how they will find out that Michelle and Geoff are engaged! We created this for for them to let their families know, “This is us, this is who we are, this is what we do, we are head over heels for each other and we are engaged!” We were so honored to be trusted with that task and we think you’ll absolutely love meeting Michelle and Geoff.