Heather + Andrew :: Let Your Wedding Hit You

Heather + Andrew

To future brides and future grooms… Let your wedding hit you.

There are SO many individual events during your wedding that you would have you excited even if it was just a normal day. When is the last time all your girls were together and got dressed up? Your fianc√© might just give you an amazing gift AND write a super sweet note! Can you imagine that the man of your dreams is going to promise you his life and his heart!? … We have seen every individual event sipped slowly and deeply to the fullest, and we’ve also seen them simply checked off the schedule of “things to do”.

We say live in the moment and let the weight of everything around you sink in. Celebrate when each bridesmaid arrives to the salon. Make your promises to your new husband and fix your makeup afterwards rather than saying them to the floor or the choir loft, trying not to cry. It’s not just like any other day you’ve seen him. It’s a big big deal and a big big day that you’ll never get back. It is so easy to skim through the day on the surface but we say slow down and let it be the life changing event that it is.

It’s an attitude about life that lets you have a wedding like this, and a video like this to show your children that “this is what love looks like, never settle for anything less”.

Photographer: Ryan Ray
Planner: Lavender Joy
Florist: Bows and Arrows
DJ: Astounding Sounds
Painter: Carolynn Seibert
Venue: Howell Family Farms