Finn + Will

Abigail + Phillip

Will’s mom, Katie, had the wonderful idea to have a video / slideshow mashup shown at Finn & Will’s rehearsal dinner on Friday night. We flew in and had the time of our lives re-living Finn & Will’s story from the perspective of each family member. What a super fun and super cute family! There were so many laughs, heartfelt stories and well wishes, and also several tears shed that day. We had so much fun finding the nuances in each person’s perspective to be able to re-tell the complete story in editing. Finn and Will’s new family now have an heirloom that tells the story of who they were growing up, how they came into their own and who they are as individuals, insight on how their minds work and what makes them tick, how they met, the love they have for each other, the wonderful proposal story as well as close family and friends pouring into their lives. We cannot wait to see how this world is changed by these two. What a family, what a couple, what a story… and the best is yet to come.