Planners: DFW Events & Emily Clarke
Photographers: Perez Weddings & Sarah Kate
Floral: Jackson Durham
Hair & Makeup: Maitee Miles
Location: Sanibel, Florida

Sanibel, Florida was the absolute perfect spot for John and Brittany to blend their history and style for the biggest event of their lives. Their friends and family told stories and spoke into their lives for well over an hour at the rehearsal dinner. We loved getting to listen to how these two came together, see the anticipation build throughout the day, and witness this wedding that we’ve been looking forward to so greatly!

It was just a short eight months ago when we got to be a part of the beginning of John and Brittany’s engagement season! John was overjoyed for this day to finally arrive. He sent Brittany to get her hair and nails done and to pick up a new dress, for the grand opening of his photography studio. Before arriving at the studio Brittany stopped off at the Crescent to meet up with John where he was waiting with a ring!

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