Coordinator: The Dapper Diplomat
Photographer: Cameron & Kelly Studio
Design: Emily Clarke Events
Floral: Todd Events
Hair & Makeup: TC Makeup
Band: Jordan Kahn Orchestra
Cakes: Frosted Art
Photobooth: My Event is the Bomb
Fireworks: Pyrotex
Transportation: Premier
Chapel: Perkins
Venue: Arlington Hall
Over the last year it has been a joy watching Ashley and Debbie plan this perfectly unique evening and it was jaw dropping to see everything unfold. Ashley and Will have such a sweet story and, having little ones ourselves, our hearts melted on multiple occasions throughout the evening. Getting a glimpse into what Will means to the Roper family and seeing his reaction to Ashley all dressed up as the bride he has known her to be for the past couple years was absolutely priceless. The entire day was the perfect balance of fun, sweet, emotional, and extravagant and there was a new surprise at every turn. We are such huge fans of these two and we hope you both have a wonderful honeymoon!

  1. Debbie Roper 06.07.2017 1:11 pm

    Truly beautiful! Thank you so much for the amazing video of Ashley and Will’s magical day!

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