Candlelight Films

Meet: lauren + clint

Our heart is that we want to live lives that matter and create films that matter. We love people who love 110%. People who feel, breathe, and sip their cup deeply. We want to live out the story with you, we want to cry big crocodile tears & rejoice on the mountain tops all because of the story. Through our work we want to change lives and be changed. We love people who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable, to profess their innermost emotions and to celebrate each other extravagantly. We want our clients to vividly remember the deepest, most precious, and most fun day of their lives and to be able to show their kids, “This is what true love looks like, never settle for less”.

Our story starts as high school friends, a long distance relationship from Dallas to Los Angeles, cell phone bills larger than our car payments, an engagement ring in the snow flakes at Rockefeller Center, a short four-month engagement and we’re currently in the happiest ever after.

We have invested in your wedding with cameras used in tv shows like House. Lauren brings years of experience from tv shows like A Baby Story and Bridezillas. Your wedding film is shot with Canon, edited with Final Cut, and delivered on Blu-Ray or Flash Drive.

photo by: Ryan Ray

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