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When we exchanged vows 15 years ago, “wedding videography” meant paying someone to set a massive camera on a tripod and record your entire ceremony straight through. So that’s exactly what we got. A few years later, though, we watched a different kind of wedding film. One that contained the kind of energy and emotion we had only ever seen in movies before.

We’d been tossing around questions like, What can we pursue together as a team? and How can we combine our gifts and interests to meet a need? That first film was our answer. In 2011, we poured every spare dollar we could find into rental equipment and volunteered to shoot a family member’s wedding for free.

Candlelight Films was officially off the ground, and soon, we were running too—in the lane we were always meant to be in.

We’re Clint and Lauren.
Two people in love who tell love stories for a living.

We’ve had babies and now we’re raising them. As a family, we are adventurers and collectors of memories. We hike and ski, we ride horses, we travel and explore.

When our anniversary rolls around and the kids ask to see our wedding film, they’re mostly treated to the backs of unidentifiable heads and a younger mom and dad holding hands way off in the distance. But watching it together is still the coolest thing ever, because our wedding day was the spark that kindled it all—every facet of this life we’re so grateful to be living.

Today, we’re a few steps further down the path.

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Day one of your legacy deserves nothing less.

One day, you’ll enjoy the same kind of moment…except yours will be magnified into an immersive experience. That’s because our not-so-secret mission is to create films that come as close as it gets to actually being there.

Our passion and our privilege is to capture both the big picture of your day and the thoughtfully-curated details that comprise it.

 -Todd Fiscus, Harper’s Bazaar “Top Wedding Designer in the World”

“From a planner's perspective, these are my three favorite things about Candlelight. 1 - They are SO easy to work with, a joy to be around on site. 2 - They are so unobtrusive during the wedding you barely know they are there. 3 - The work is amazing! Always is and always will be! One of the best video creatives in the country.”

One of the best video creatives in the country

-Julian Leaver, Carats & Cake & BizBash “Top Wedding Planner”

“As a planning team, it's our opinion that the best videographer is one you don't notice. Candlelight Films is professional and discreet and always captures incredible footage. Working with them is a seamless process. They're prompt, so easy to work with, and they deliver a phenomenal product. Every. Single. Time.”

A phenomenal product…every single time

Cinematography is the perfect expression of my innate desire to dive into the deep end of relationships and get to the heart of what really matters.

When I was a kid, I vividly remember an older neighbor telling me, “You are going to be a storyteller when you grow up.” And here I am—13 years into parlaying my experience as a touring musician and hobbyist photographer into a career as a professional celebrator of life’s most valuable stories. 

The fact that I get to pursue these things in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world while working alongside my wife and best friend? With the exception of becoming a pro football star (haha!), that’s a destiny wilder than anything I could have imagined—and a reality I’ll never stop being grateful for.

Meet Clint

Meet Clint & Lauren

...but the storylines I’m entrusted with are so much richer; truly worthy of a whole-hearted investment of creative energy.

After I graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Radio / Television / Film, I moved to Los Angeles and pursued exactly the kind of fast-paced career in reality television I thought I wanted. Marriage and motherhood made me crave a different production schedule, though—weekends spent with families celebrating the best days of their lives, and weekdays watching my kids grow up while working from home. The skills I honed in LA and New York still come into play on wedding days,

Through Candlelight Films, that’s what Clint and I bring to the table.

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It started with the two of us, and it’s still the two of us today. Wholeheartedly telling the stories that matter most.

We didn’t just choose the name “Candlelight Films” because of the air of romance a flickering flame imparts. There’s a bit of hidden meaning behind the word candle in particular—but to decode it, you have to know that Lauren’s maiden name was Edwards.

Clint and Lauren Edwards.
C and LE.
C-and-LE-light Films.
Candlelight Films.

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